Thursday, October 9, 2014

Top Five Favorite Baby Products

I am a self professed product lover... I love anything that is cool and unique but I also can not justify ridiculousness of $500.00 highchairs and $90 jeans for an infant either. With that being said my favorite baby products that I have found to be totally worth the money and very useful are listed below!

1. Stroller and Infant Car Seat Combo.
The car seat I love is the Mico AP by MaxiCosi. It is the lightest premium car seat on the market, the seat comes off to wash, and it looks really nice. I have the infant and the toddler version and they are both great! They recently began selling a combo pack of the Quinny Stroller (which is amazing) for $499.00 That sounds like a lot but when you figure the car seat alone is at least $200 its actually a great deal. I bought my car seat for $200 and then a $400.00 stroller that isn't as nice as the Quinny. And seriously these colors are amazing. If you have to carry around all this gear I think it should be fashionable!

2. Anything Aden and Anais
Seriously...anything. I fell in love with the swaddling blankets and now an obsessed with everything from bibs, wearable blankets, towels ect. I love the super soft, light and natural feel of these products. Light enough for summer, big enough to nurse under, beautiful prints and warm enough for fall what more can a girl baby ask for. Love Love Love. 
3. Halo Bassinet
This is my serious lust item. My baby is already too big but when I saw this I wanted to kiss the inventor! What a genius. When my baby was in the bassinet and I was nearly dead from exhaustion getting him out to feed him every two hours, I nearly tipped the bassinet over trying to pull him out. This has a drop side that makes all of that so easy! Major must have for baby number 2! ps I have heard great things about the co-sleepers too but because  my bed has a big wooden frame it just couldn't work in our house.
4. Bamboobies!
I know I wrote a whole blog on breast pads and said that the washables basically sucked... welllll that was before I found Bamboobies!!! OMG so soft, so absorbent, so cute and wash up beautifully! $35 seems like a lot to spend on 6 pairs of breastpads but I would have spent that every two months with the disposables and been not even half as happy as I am with Bamboobies. I bought two packs and considering I do laundry every other day I never run out. These are by far the best option I have found!
5. Clothes
The best time is when they have a 40% off of all sale items. I love their cute little clothes and I trust the quality. I have bought a lot of things at Babies R Us and they haven't lasted or washed well. I love the look of a little baby in mini adult clothes so to speak but I seriously feel guilty when he doesn't seem comfy and I know that there will be plenty of time for baby H to wear jeans and stuff so I try to buy soft comfy outfits for him and gap is my go to spot! I also love Freshly Picked Moccasins and the trendy brands like Little Hip Squeaks but I can't make myself pay $31 for a pair of baby leggings.... Their hats and headbands are worth it though!

What baby products can you not live without? I am still in search of the perfect nursing bra and diapers that don't let my kid have regular blow outs. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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